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Useful Links

This page offers a variety of resources from around the web that are specifically designed for Military Service Members and their families and professionals who serve these populations. We have broken up the links for you into 3 categories: Military Service Members and Spouses, Kids and Teens, and Professionals.


Human Performance Resource Center
National Resource Directory (NRD)
Military OneSource
National Military Family Association
Operation Military Kids
Our Military Kids
Sesame Street – Talk, Listen, Connect
Zero to Three
Military Child Education Coalition – Military Parents
Naval Center for Combat Operational Stress Control
Uniformed Services University, Health Sciences Center for Study of Traumatic Stress
Courage To Care Courage To Talk
Real Warrior Campaign
Veterans Crisis Line


Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund "Cover Me"
Mr. Poe and Friends Discuss Reunion After Deployment
National Child Traumatic Stress Network
The "SOFAR" Guide for Helping Children and Youth Cope with the Deployment and Return of a Parent in the National Guard

Uniformed Services University – Courage to Care Fact Sheets

Becoming a Couple Again
Helping Children Cope During Deployment
Military Families on the Move


Zero to Three – Article for Parents

If You're Okay, Then I'm Okay (Self-Care)
I Like My Old Home. Where Are We Going and Why? (Relocation)
I Know That Something is About to Happen. Will I Be All Right? (Preparing for Deployment)
I Miss My Mommy/Daddy (Supporting Child during Parent's Deployment)
I Know You Think I Should Be Happy but I'm Not Sure How I Feel (After Deployment)

Zero to Three - Brochures for Parents

Deployment: Keeping Relationships Strong
Homecoming: Reconnecting After Separations
Homefront: Taking Care of Yourself
New Families: Nurturing New Relationships
Combat Stress: Injuries of War

Zero to Three – Flyers for Parents

Moving? (Relocation)
We Can Be Together Even While We're Apart (Staying Connected)
More Changes? Are You Kidding Me? (Reunification)
Don't Even Talk to Me Before I've Had My Morning Milk (Routines)
Why Don't You Baby Yourself for A Change (Self-Care)
Thanks I Need That (Nurturing)
You Think You're Stressed (Stress and Behavior)


Military Youth on the Move
Deployment Kids
DrugFacts Week – Shattering the myths about drug use and drug abuse for teens


Sesame Street: Talk, Listen, Connect Teen Help for Teen Problems. Log on. Work it Out.


The Military Family Research Institute
National Child Traumatic Stress Network
NCTSN Military Children and Families
NCTSN Military Family Knowledge Bank
American Academy of Pediatrics
Center for Deployment Psychology
U.S. Department of Defense Military Health System
American Psychological Association – Society for Military Psychology
National Military Family Association – Children's Education
Military OneSource
Military Child Education Coalition
Military Child Initiative – Building Resilient Kids (web-based course)
Naval Center for Combat Operational Stress Control
Uniformed Services University, Health Sciences Center for Study of Traumatic Stress
Courage To Care Courage To Talk
Wingman Project for Suicide Prevention


NCTSN Traumatic Grief in Military Children: Information for Medical Providers
NCTSN Child Welfare Trauma Training Kit
NCTSN Childhood Traumatic Grief Educational Materials for Pediatricians and Pediatric Nurses


FOCUS on Site

Work with resiliency trainers at select military sites.

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