FOCUS Joint Base Lewis McCord Strategy Sandwich

What will you put in your strategy sandwich? The FOCUS Joint Base Lewis McCord Team has a great way to keep your favorite getting to green strategies neatly organized and ready to access during even the most stressful times. Even the colorful sandwich will make you smile and that is definitely a strategy within itself!

Join the FOCUS Joint Base Lewis McCord team as they create their own strategy sandwiches and provide tips for making your own. Stay tuned at the end for some fun bloopers!

FOCUS Camp Lejeune Science Project

The FOCUS team at Camp Lejeune has a fun science project to help illustrate how difficult feelings can affect our bodies and the ways that strategies like deep breaths, taking a walk, or getting a hug can help our bodies feel good again.

Watch this video with your military kid and talk about which strategies make you feel better!


A deployment, wedding, family-moon, PCS …. And FOCUS

Military wife and mom, Cassie Landreth-Denzler shares how FOCUS helped her blended family find skills to support their closeness and resilience in a new town after lots of transition. Read on to learn more about how they use the Feeling Thermometer and family meetings to stay on track!