Understanding Teenage Children’s Feelings with FOCUS

This month’s blog is written by Ingre Sampson a military spouse and mother whose experience with the FOCUS program helped her family overcome challenges related to deployment.

My family and I have been a part of the military for 24 years. We have been on/through many deployments, PCS changes, and even a few hurricanes.

Thriving through Deployment with FOCUS

Hello! My name is Michelle Gonzalez. I have two kiddos. Nathan, who is my very serious 10 year old, and Maddie, who is my sweet and sassy 8 year old. My husband is Danny and he is a submarine sailor of 17 years. He and I have been married for 14 years.

Planning a Family Meeting

This time of year can be a busy time for military families and with changing schedules and new routines the calendar can feel even more hectic. Scheduling a family meeting helps you take control of the family calendar by providing an opportunity for you to discuss expectations, upcoming events, and set goals.