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May Tip of the Month from FOCUS (Families Over Coming Under Stress):  Named after the Greek fertility Goddess, “Maia”, May is the month to honor and celebrate the joys and challenges of motherhood.  However, motherhood (and parenting) isn’t all May flowers. Sometimes moms need new strategies to support their Super Powers.  At the FOCUS program, we teach Moms (and Dads) fun and useful skills to energize the heart and to make time for much needed self-care.
Don’t just let the mom in your life get by, help her be the strongest she can be!  Call DSN: 645-6077 today!

Stacy Santolaja, MEd, LPC
Site Director
Masayo Bamm
Masayo Bamm
FOCUS Services Coordinator
Crystal Vartanian, MS, LMFT
FOCUS Resilience Trainer
Rachel Greiner
Rachel Greiner, MS, LMFT
FOCUS Resilience Trainer
FOCUS Staff Brian O'Sullivan
Brian O'Sullivan
FOCUS Resilience Trainer


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