Army Community Service
Bldg. 236, Room 131
Alt Number:
DNS Number: DSN: 644.4405

Main Office DSN: 645.6077

FOCUS is a prevention service designed to help families address the stress related to military life. The program includes the entire family and is customized to suit its specific needs. FOCUS is offered in several formats: family consultations, family level training, couples training, small group training, and workshops. FOCUS builds strong connections with other military family providers to support a network of care for families.

Stacy Santolaja, MEd, LPC
Site Director
Masayo Bamm
Masayo Bamm
FOCUS Services Coordinator
FOCUS Staff Brian O'Sullivan
Brian O'Sullivan
FOCUS Resilience Trainer
Jennifer Roby photo
Jennifer E. Roby, MS, LPC, NCC
FOCUS Resilience Trainer

Call our Main Office to learn more about our Individualized Family and Couples Resiliency Training! 645.6077 (DSN) / 098.970.6077 (commercial) Visit us again soon for upcoming events and workshops.