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FOCUS Bingo Challenge

Reflect on these past few weeks or get some new ideas for this weekend with our FOCUS-version of a Bingo Challenge!

These days, we're all experiencing a broad array of emotions FOCUS Bingo Card Click to Download the PDFin response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Feelings like, sadness, grief, anger, irritability, apathy, numbness, exhaustion, calmness, compassion, and gratitude can happen throughout the day or even all at once. Identifying strategies that help you and your family get back in the ‘green’ can help turn the whole day around!

Use our FOCUS Bingo Challenge Card to discover new strategies or reflect on what you have done well to encourage communication and connection with family and friends, practice self-care, create "me" time, get organized, be creative, find ways to relax, spend some time outside, move and stretch. 

If your family has participated in FOCUS before, you'll recognize some familiar coping tools on the Bingo card, such as our Feeling Thermometer and SNAP problem-solving. If you are not familiar with some of the strategies, we prepared a list below of FOCUS handouts that introduce these skills!

The rules for FOCUS Bingo are simple.  Just like regular bingo, mark off the boxes you completed down, across or choose black out. Parents get to choose who’s the winner and what they get, but most important is how you feel after practicing these getting to the green strategies!  Everyone’s a WINNER!

Try one of the FOCUS Skills on your Bingo Card using these handouts as a guide:

If you're currently interested in participating in FOCUS, our TeleFOCUS program is available for family, couples, or booster sessions. Visit Find a FOCUS Site to contact your local site for more information! 

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