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Feeling Fox Asks!

Two Feeling Foxes TalkingFeeling Fox has some questions from FOCUS Families for our Resilience Trainers. Molly Haskell from FOCUS Whidbey Island offers her advice for families during transition.

My family is PCSing soon and having a difficult time with the idea of saying goodbye to our home and friends. What are some tools that we can use to help make the transition easier for us?  

Moving to a new place can sometimes create mixed feelings. Some family members may feel excitement and others anxiety or fear. Talking about your feelings as a family can help everyone feel heard and validated. Family Meetings are a great way to encourage communication of feelings and make sure that everyone is feeling prepared for the upcoming transition. It can also be helpful to talk as a family about activities each person wants to do before the move. This can be a great way to help the family say goodbye to their home and prepare for the next adventure.  

What are some ways that we can make adjusting to our new home easier for everyone?

When preparing for a move, it can be helpful to talk as a family about how the new home will be the same, different and better than the previous home. This can help highlight the important aspects of a home that the family would like to carry forward through the move. Maintaining routines throughout the moving process can help the family manage expectations and create normalcy in the new home.  Once you have arrived, assisting kids in setting up their rooms can help them to feel more comfortable in the new home and give them a space to be if they are feeling overwhelmed. It can also be helpful for kids to have some of the same activities they enjoy, like sports, in their new location.  

Molly Haskell, MSW, LMHC, LSWAIC is a Resilience Trainer at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. 

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